Inpatient and Outpatient Medical Bill Auditing

Saving You Money

We hear it every time.   Insurance companies want to pay only the proper amount while also maintaining a great relationship with their providers.

That means your audit team can not push back incorrectly.

We know, that is why we don't have a low pay, high employee turnover model.    We have the best auditors working on your medical bills.  Their longevity allows us to understand their strengths and weaknesses and we route medical bills accordingly.   As a group they get better and better over time.  

This requires a high pay high flexibility work environment that is only possible because we optimized all other aspects of our medical bill auditing solution.  That is why we can charge the same rates as your current auditor while providing a much more sophisticated workforce.

The outcome is more money recovered by the insurance company and less conflict with the providers. 


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